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Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 (Omnium Gatherum) YA dystopian novel, 2021.

Runaway: Poppet Cycle Book 2 (Omnium Gatherum) YA dystopian novel, due out in 2021.

Revolution: Poppet Cycle Book 3 (Omnium Gatherum) YA dystopian novel, due out in 2022.

Short Stories

“Frozen Fish.” Crossroads Magazine June, 1996.

“God’s Recruiter.” Litmag. UMSL, 1999. First Place: Prose.

“Golden Rule.” Modern Magic: Tales of Fantasy and Horror. Editor: William Horner/Fantasist Enterprises, 2005.

“Descent.” Hazard Yet Forward: Kindle Seton Hill WPF Anthology, 2012.

“Ballad of a Mother and Slave.” A Mother’s Love~An Anthology of Murder and Mayhem, 2016.

“Daddy’s Girl.” Fatherly Instincts~An Anthology of Murder and Malice, 2016.

“Killing Cancer: When Dad and I fought a Titan.” Every Day Fiction, Dec. 29, 2016.

“Crone’s Jule.” Family Memories~An Anthology of Murder and Mischief, 2017.

“The Sky Fell.” Enter the Apocalypse. Editor: Thomas Gondolfi/TANSTAAFL Press, 2017.

“Nine Little Rabbits, All in a Row.” Syntax and Salt Issue 3, Summer 2017.

“Why the Doge Marries the Sea Each Year.” Dark Matter Journal, Summer 2017.

“Golden Rule.” Killing it Softly, October 2017.

“Chuloc’s Curse.” Sacrifice, Thirteen O’Clock Press, October 2017.

“Tax Collectors.” Sacrifice, Thirteen O’Clock Press, October 2017.

“Catastrophy.” The Haunted Traveler, December 2017.

“Bright Eyes and Memory.” Door=Jar: Door Is A Jar Issue 6, Winter 2017.

“Jester’s Law,” Spectators and Spooks Magazine, Issue 2, Fall 2017.

“They Don’t Know.” Astounding Outpost, Website December, Anthology January 2018.

“The Breath of God,” Revenge, 13 O’Clock Press, January 2018.

“Deaths’ Day Off.” Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol. 2, February 2018.

“My Forever Love.” Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol. 2, February 2018.

“I Keep Her Safe,” Buried, 13 O’Clock Press, February 2018.

“What the Children Left Behind,” Flash Fiction Magazine, March 6 2018.

“Nature or Nurture.” Black Petals. Spring 2018.

“Love and Upgrades,” Night Terrors and Daymares, June 2018.

“Bus Stop Diner,” Night Terrors and Daymares, June 2018.

“Stairs and Fiction,” Night Terrors and Daymares, June 2018.

“Hell is Other People.” Graveyard Girls. June 2018.

“Organ Trade.” Locked In. 13 O’Clock Press. June 2018.

“Santa’s Little Helpers,” Haunted Holidays, 13 O’Clock Press, October 2018.

“The Passage.” Nothing Sacred, Jack of No Trades, October 2018.

“Women of a Certain Age.” Blood and Ashes. 13 O’Clock Press. November 2018.

“Smoke and Reckoning.” Blood and Ashes, 13 O’Clock Press. November 2018.

“Bestie.” Blood and Ashes, 13 O’Clock Press. November 2018.

“Application to Teach Future Patriots.” Terror Politico. Scary Dairy Press. January 2019.

“Last Days.” Shift. MTSU Literary Journal. February 2019.

“Emerging from the Dark.” The Sirens Call #43. February 2019.

“In Between.” Dark Moon Digest #34. Prepetual Motion Machine Press. February 2019.

“The Deep End of the Pool.” Page and Spine Fiction Showcase. February 22, 2019.

“Brunch Not Brains,” Pif Magazine Issue 262, March 2019.

“Bubblehead Road.” Ghostlight Magazine, Spring 2019.

“The Hermes VII” Apparation Lit Issue 6, April 2019.

“Dog Days,” Page and Spine Showcase, May 2019.

“Cyclopean Light on the Scales of God,” Nothing’s Sacred V. May 2019.

“Find the World’s Center with Feelers,” Trembling with Fear: June 9, 2019.

“Parade of the Loyal,” Immortal Works Episode 77, June 21, 2019.

“Windmills on Mars,” Aurora Wolf Vol. 10 Issue 7: July 1, 2019.

“Tracks,” Lonesome Train, Thirteen O’Clock Press: July 2019.

“After Saving Hansel, Gretel Found Herself,” Corvid Queen: July 19, 2019.

“A Rosie by Any Other Name.” Imps and Minions, TDotSpec Publisher: August, 2019.

“Shawnee Bend Witch,” Songs for the Elephant Man. Matthew Pegg, Editor. Mantle Lane Press: August, 2019.

“Funeral for King Giggles.” Deadman Humour: Thirteen Fears of a Clown. Dave Higgons, Editor. Abstruse Press: September, 2019.

“Grown in the Globes.” Colp: Solitude. Gypsum Sound Tales: September 2019.

“Welcome Home Dear Ones.” Enchanted Conversation: October 2019.

“Welcome Home,” Monsterous Feminine. Cin Ferguson, editor. Scary Dary Press: October 2019.

“Phobic Beneath the Skin.” Hello Horror. November 2019.

“Feeling Sorry for Assholes,” Blood and Blasphemy, Dec 2019.

“Buying a Star for Mama,” Super/Natural, Dec 2019.

“Flock Mentality,” Super/Natural, Dec 2019.

“Vegan Vamp,” Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, Feb 2020.

“Puppet Master,” Crystal Lake Publishing, Mar 2020.

“Haunted Castle on the Midway,” Mithila Review Issue 13, Mar 2020.

“Flow in the Dark,” Trembling with Fear, March 31, 2020.

“Three Graces in Autumn,” The Gray Sisters Issue 1, June 20, 2020.

“Three Graces in Autumn” Audio version by Gray Sisters, Sept 27, 2020.

“I Speak for the Trees,” It Calls from the Forest V2, July 2020.

“Mining the Fearscape,” A Monster Told Me Bedtime Stories Vol 7, July 2020.

“Curiosities and Notions,” Colp: Treasure, August 2020.

“Divorce,” Oz is Burning, Edtor Phyllis Irene Radford, 2020.

“Wandering Witches of Triven Glen,” Night Frights, Oct 2020.

“Fairy Roseio and Saint Julian,” Stories for the Thoughtful Young, Editor Bob Brown and Diana Payton, Oct 2020.

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“The Littlest Witch,” Tales from the Moonlit Path, Oct 2020.

“Call the CCC, Your Psychic Repair Team,” HWA Poetry Showcase, Editor Stephanie M. Wytovitch, Nov 2020.

“Hall of Windows, Hall of Lights,” The Grey Sisters Vol 2. Dec 2020.

“Right Hand Man,” The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias Vol II, Dec 2020.

“Behind the Bookshelf in the Slim Pool of Light,” Twilight Tales. Editor Jaleta Clegg, Jan 2021.

“From Above,” Women Destroy [Retro] Sci-Fi. Were-Traveler, Feb 2021.

"No Avoidance Behavior from the Thumbs." 99 Tiny Terrors, Editor Jennifer Brozek, Mar 2022

Coming Soon!

Eternal Garden

Fighting the Storm

In the Bright, Green Woods

All Eyes on Her

Lee Ho Fuk's Saturday Night Special

I Enjoy Being a Girl

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