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Writing Resources

For Teen Writers:


I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. Back then, all I had to help me were some really supportive English teachers. It’s not like that anymore. There are all sorts of programs to help you develop as a writer.


Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 started off as a NaNoWriMo project. 


An excellent “how to” page with lots of things to learn from.


A huge number of links to helpful pages about writing.

Lots of fun links that have teen writing.


Places to get your work published.

Thanks for this one Maria and Holly!

For Adult Writers:


The best decisions I made in my path to becoming a paid author are the following…


1. Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction Masters Program. 

    This program upped my writing level. I wrote my first novel there and made some of the best writing friendships I have. The teachers are top-notch and it is so good that my alumni classmates and I created the next thing on this list just so we could go back every year!


2. In Your Write Mind Workshop at Seton Hill University.


This alumni-run retreat is open to any writers who want to attend. The workshops are amazing, the people are the best cheerleaders, and the extracurriculars include a costume ball, a mass book signing, and ghost tours. I am the head of programming for this event and I’m always proud of the quality. 


3. NaNoWriMo

Every November, writers around the world participate in this mass novel-writing event. The draw is accountability. The goal is 50,000 words toward a rough draft. I’ve written six complete novels and four more awesome starts I’ll get back to later. WORTH DOING and it’s free!


4. Imaginarium Con, Archon, Capricon


These are conventions that happen every year that have a strong writing focus. I love these! If you go to them, you are likely to see me on programming along with much bigger writers. This is a low-cost, fun way to develop relationships with writers and hone your skills. 


5. Writer’s Bootcamp from Borderlands Press (picture 51112588 Group

It’s not cheap, but it is intense and valuable. The bootcamp’s teachers are incredible veteran writers who work closely on your writing, giving you an intense critique. 


6. Joining Horror Writers Association and attending Stoker Con every time I can.

I was skeptical the first time I went to Stoker Con. I’d been to World Fantasy and found it to be completely overwhelming. Too many people, not enough author stuff. Stoker Con is a writing convention. Everything relates, from academic, to scriptwriting, to fiction. The level of help for authors offered stunned me. I made wonderful connections and wound up finding the publisher of my novel, Omnium Gatherum, there. I’m a full member now. There’s no end to the usefulness of this group and con.

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